Things we’re thankful for

In honor of Thanksgiving, the Coastal Fisheries Ecology Lab took a moment to reflect on the many things we are thankful for.

Thanksgiving Collage.jpg

We are thankful for the scientific adventures waiting right outside our door and the people we get to share them with. ♦ We are thankful for the new experiences and amazing opportunities that Alaska has to offer. ♦ We’re thankful for the absolutely wonderful people that we’ve gotten to know while working with Juneau’s fishing community. The generosity they’ve shown with their time, knowledge, and resources have greatly improved our research. ♦ We are grateful to share our love of science with students of all ages, who make us feel forever young at heart with their endless energy, curiosity, wonder, and joy. ♦ We’re thankful for the continued enthusiasm of research assistants who have helped out in field and lab. ♦ We are thankful for the wonderful group of people we’ve had the chance to work with in the course of our research. ♦ We’re thankful that we get to live in a pristine place with such a presence of wilderness. ♦ We are thankful for the hospitality and warmth of Alaska and its people. ♦ We are thankful for the kind and generous people and breathtaking landscapes that make Juneau home. ♦ We are thankful for the wonderful people and beautiful places that fill our lives with happiness.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our colleagues, friends, and family across the world!

-Anne, Cheryl, Doug, Joe, Maggie, Matt, Nina, Rhea, and Veronica

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