Homer Spit_photo by Anne Beaudreau

Knowing Fish

Synopsis: Fishing is a way of life in Alaska. Fish are not only an important source of food and income, but have great cultural significance. “Knowing Fish” celebrates the importance of fishing in Alaska’s coastal communities and the value of fishermen’s knowledge for science and management. The film highlights voices of fishers who describe how the environment has changed in their lifetimes. It tells the story of fishermen and scientists who are bringing their world views together in new ways to help build sustainable fisheries. Though change is inevitable, they convey a message of hope and optimism about the future of our oceans and fishing communities.

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Directed and produced by Anne Beaudreau
Assistant Directors: Maggie Chan and Philip Loring
Filmed by Anne Beaudreau, Maggie Chan, Philip Loring, Cheryl Barnes
Edited by Sarah Betcher
Music and sound mixing by Lou John B
Narrated by Bond Huberman

With support from the North Pacific Research Board, NOAA Saltonstall-Kennedy Program, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Saskatchewan

Special thanks to: Cheryl Barnes, Judy Brakel, Doug Duncan, Rhea Ehresmann, Jamie Erickson, Jay Erickson, Mary Erickson, Michael Flores, Ben Huntley, Mike Miller, Jack Montgomery, Julie Scheurer, Chris Sergeant, Phillip Sharclane, Greg Sutter, Michael Williams, Jacqueline Yamada, Kenji Yamada, Richard Yamada, Ikaika Vivas, Alaska Charter Association, Homer Charter Association, Hoonah Indian Association, Sitka Tribe of Alaska, Southeast Alaska Charter Boat Operators Association, Southeast Alaska Guides Organization

Creative Commons Attribution license