The Coastal Fisheries Ecology Lab at the University of Alaska Fairbanks conducts research to understand how fisheries systems (fish + people) respond and adapt to environmental, regulatory, and social change. Our work addresses information needs for ecosystem-based fishery management and conservation. We draw approaches and perspectives from multiple disciplines, including fisheries science, ecology, anthropology, and economics. We use mixed methods approaches that include ecological field sampling, semi-structured interviews, participant observation, quantitative and qualitative analysis of ecological and social data, participatory mapping, and film.

Major research themes include:

  • Place-based, community-engaged ecology
    • Responses of marine communities to multi-scale environmental drivers
    • Trophic interactions and movement ecology of marine and anadromous fishes
  • Bridging knowledge systems and management institutions
    • Resource users’ perceptions of and responses to environmental and regulatory change
    • Stakeholder engagement in fishery management and conservation
  • Resource portfolios and resilience of fisheries systems

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