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Peer-reviewed articles (student author, * graduate advisee or supervised postdoc)

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Technical reports

  1. Beaudreau AH, Mason E, Scalisi ED (2022) Alaska Statewide Rockfish Initiative Community Engagement Workshop Report. University of Washington, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, Seattle, WA. 26 pp. [Link to full text]
  2. Beaudreau AH (2011) Chapter 1. Physical Forcing in the California Current. In: Levin, P.S. and B. Wells, eds. Development of an annual report on conditions in the California Current Ecosystem. NOAA Fisheries Service, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, 2725 Montlake Blvd East, Seattle, WA 98112.
  3. Beaudreau A†, Boulay M, Cooper A, Demarest C, Jacobson L, Keith C, Kellogg C, Martini F, Nippert S, Powell M, Smith T (2003) Atlantic hagfish advisory report for the 37th Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Workshop. In Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC). 2003. 37th Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Workshop (37th SAW) Advisory Report. NEFSC Ref. Doc. 03-17. National Marine Fisheries Service, Woods Hole Lab., 166 Water St., Woods Hole, MA  02543. 52 pp. †Lead author, additional authors listed alphabetically.


Beaudreau AH (2009) The predatory role of lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus) in the San Juan Archipelago, Washington. Ph.D. Dissertation, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.