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News articles (since 2013)

  • Gullufsen, Kevin. 5 April 2018. Otters, nuclear rockfish and whale watching’s impact: UAF fisheries masters students to showcase a wide-range of work. Juneau Empire. (Features CFE Lab MS student Matt Callahan) URL
  • KTOO Public Media. 2 April 2018. A Juneau Afternoon radio program, featuring Anne Beaudreau (Associate Professor, CFE Lab) and Ashley Bolwerk (MS Student) to promote UA Fisheries Days at Lena Point. URL
  • Dobbyn, Paula. 23 January 2018. Alaska Sea Grant awards over $1 million for research. Features our newly-funded ASG project on fishers’ local knowledge. URL
  • Frisch, Lauren. 28 September 2017. Seeking more than one species stabilizes fishing income. UAF press release. URL
  • Gullufsen, Kevin. 8 September 2017. As glaciers melt, scientists try to figure out how fish will respond. Juneau Empire. URL
  • Ainsworth, Nolin. 8 July 2017. Science brings soccer star to Juneau. Juneau Empire. URL
  • Earl, Elizabeth. 28 June 2017. Study shows Homer halibut charters stay closer to town. Peninsula Clarion. URL
  • Zak, Annie. 25 June 2017. Alaska halibut charters are targeting multiple species. Here’s why. Alaska Dispatch News. URL
  • Bolton, Aaron. 23 June 2017. Study examines the ripple effect of charter operators’ choices. KBBI Homer (URL) and KTOO Public Media (URL)
  • Frisch, Lauren. 20 June 2017. Study: Halibut charters adapt to economics and regulations. UAF press release (URL) and SitNews (URL)
  • Jenkins, Elizabeth. 2 May 2017. Scientists see the future in the bellies of fish. KTOO Public Media. URL
  • Baier, Christine. 27 April 2017. First observations of fine-scale juvenile sablefish movements in the wild reveal behavioral patterns that may influence survival. NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center News. URL
  • Frisch, Lauren. 9 August 2016. Halibut regulations linked to diversification of charter fishing portfolios. SFOS Newsroom. URL
  • Welch, Laine. 4 March 2016. Is the clue to shrinking halibut in their stomachs — and those of arrowtooth flounder? Alaska Dispatch News. URL
  • Welch, Laine. 2 March 2016. Halibut, arrowtooth flounder stomachs wanted for science. Alaska Fish Radio. [link no longer available]
  • Miller, Clara. 26 February 2016. Stomachs wanted: halibut and flounder. Juneau Empire. [link no longer available]
  • Frisch, Lauren. 25 November 2015. Glacier meltwater into Southeast Alaska estuaries influences fish diets. Alaska Sea Grant [link no longer available], UAF College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (URL), and SitNews (URL)
  • Mulvaney, Kieran. 11 November 2015. Alaska Cod Are Eating Seabirds – But How? Discovery News. [link no longer available]
  • Rosen, Yereth. 9 November 2015. Pacific cod may have learned to hunt seabirds, research indicates. Alaska Dispatch News. [link no longer available]
  • NOAA West Coast Region. Spring 2015. Local knowledge shapes recovery of Puget Sound rockfish. URL
  • 1 April 2015. New study highlights the value of local knowledge in recovering endangered species. [link no longer available]
  • University of California Santa Barbara. 15 September 2014. Announcing two new Gulf of Alaska Working Groups. Press release. [link no longer available]
  • Alaska EPSCoR. 15 September 2014. The Southeast Test Case: From glaciers to estuaries outside Juneau, Alaska. URL
  • Alaska EPSCoR. 26 August 2014. Hike with the Scientists: Learning about Southeast Alaska’s ecosystems in person. URL
  • Miller, Matt. 6 November 2013. New research focusing on local glacial estuary habitat. KTOO Public Media. [link no longer available]